Chopping Vegetables

Our Story

It all started in 2018 at our own dinner table. Six friends from different parts of the world wanted to bring some fun and competition to the table. 

Each one of us had to cook a minimum of a three-course meal with a budget of £50 for six people.

One such day at the dinner table as we were finishing up, an interesting thought started working its way around the dining room; "wouldn't be fantastic if other people could taste our food? What if we started selling our food, right out of our kitchen?"

We knew we weren't alone. Great home cooks exist all across the world, needing just the courage and a platform to showcase their own great food you never knew about. So the concept was born to introduce your 'Localchefs' to you, and you to 'Localchefs.'

Our Mission

We're in love with the idea of bringing homemade meals back into your lives, and want to dedicate ourselves to helping local chefs to start their own independent businesses on Localchefs UK. 

More and more people are seeking alternatives to nameless big brands with hefty charges, and we are on a mission to help hungry eaters find real home-cooked food from local chefs in their neighborhood. Get heat-and-eat homemade food from around the world, lovingly prepared by a chef who live just down the road from you.

Getting hungry for home-cooked food?